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This is my first foray into creating my own personal website. I made it for two reasons: 1) just to see if I could, and 2) because I'm getting really, really tired of an internet run by social media and algorithms that put monetary profit over quality of life. It's an adventure in itself finding other sites, but I'm enjoying it!

[ welcome ]
this is a personal website, where you might find anything related to my interests. most likely that will mean game projects and cool game dev things, interactive fiction, stories, and the occasional fandom shrine. you could also find haiku, old images i don't want to lose, and who knows what else. enjoy!
this website is a permanent work in progress.
[ updates ]
january 23, 2023 i have to remember to update my cooking diaries here. i mostly bake, but i do try other random recipes when the mood strikes.

i'm struggling with my writing, but i am writing. i've got a decent vision for the story i'm working on, but finding the right style or format to write it in is surprisingly difficult for this one.
sloane ❤❤❤

january 15, 2023 i got invited to a monthly writer's group. yesterday was the first meeting and it was really fun! we only wrote a small bit since someone had to cancel last minute, and we're going to wait until everyone is present to decide on permanent meeting activities and expectations.

we also played a few games of magic: the gathering. we played jumpstart specifically. i pulled a cat/minions combo, which i find absolutely hilarious. it played really well, even though i lost. tonight we're going to play more magic, with some new people.
sloane ❤❤❤

january 3, 2023: added 2 pages i wanted to make a habit tracker for the year, so i decided to make a page for it here. the idea that people online can see how much i'm doing should be good motivation. i'll also be tracking the number of books i read in 2023.

i got started with my tumblr image archive. it's only going to be 2 or 3 small themed pages of images, with minimal gifs. i just wanted to preserve the vibes, you know?
sloane ❤❤❤

january 1, 2023: happy new year! i wasn't planning on changing things so drastically, but i made a breakthrough with my coding knowledge. so the site has a fresh new look for the new year! i wanted to capture the vibe my tumblr feed had circa the early 2010's, back when everything was aesthetic and glowy and neon. i think i did well enough.

i'll be removing a bunch of pages that i never really did anything with. i had so much fun experimenting with the different color gradients, i didn't notice how they were multiplying like tribbles, and there was no need XD so a goal this year is to add more to the site, but make sure the additions actually add quality, not just quantity.

i'm not really doing resolutions, but i do intend to write more, build this site, and make progress on my gameboy and twine game ideas. best wishes to you in the new year!
sloane ❤❤❤
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